Celebrity Instagram vs Business Instagram: How to Boost to get Real Followers

Looking through Instagram’s top influencers – the most followed accounts – can be like looking through a who’s who list among the most popular celebrities. Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, for example, is still the most followed account, with other celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez close behind. As a business owner, owning an Instagram account is perhaps the best way to interact and engage your target clientele. But, how do you get the followers and build your brand on social media when you’re not a popular celebrity like Kim Kardashian? Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between celebrity Instagram accounts and Instagram accounts for business.

Celebrity Accounts

Kim Kardashian and Instagram have been synonymous since the platforms inception, all the way back in 2010. Since then, using Instagram accounts to promote glamorous lifestyles has become a primary function of the most popular and most followed Instagram accounts. These celebrity Instagram accounts give a look behind the curtain, usually encourage positivity and leverage a loyal following into brand endorsement deals. These deals maintain relevance and popularity for the celebs and they grow a brand’s influence as well. Celebrities also use their power of influence to bring awareness to social issues or other philanthropic pursuits.

Business Accounts  

The purpose of a business account, and how it differs from that of a celebrity account, is to sell a particular product, raise brand awareness, and increase reach among a desired audience. Many of the most successful business accounts use similar practices that have been time-tested and proven to generate Instagram likes and increase followers. With a successful business Instagram account, sales will increase as the following grows. For a business, running a successful social media account, specifically one on Instagram, can set it apart from the competition by making it more relatable, generating brand loyalty that is hard to achieve by other more traditional methods.

Growing Your Business Account

It takes specificity and consistency when posting for a business Instagram account. In many cases, it takes a lot of patience and time to grow your account too. There are some relatively easy ways that are guaranteed to grow your followers for Instagram faster and more successfully than other methods, however.


  • CURATE YOUR ACCOUNT – Keep all of your images consistent on your profile so that people who make their way to your account have a clear and strong sense of what your brand is all about. Colors, framing, lighting and textures should be subtly different, of course, but the overall look and feel should maintain consistency. Think of your profile like a business homepage, where the images sell who you are and what you’re all about.
  • GIVEAWAYS – If you own a business that sells products or provides services, putting together a simple giveaway is a great way to engage an audience and grow your Instagram following. Set a goal – usually a certain amount of followers – and ask your followers to sign up, comment and share. New followers are automatically entered to win, which in turn grows your account. With comments and likes, your post will get boosted by the algorithm, reaching more people.
  • GEO-TAGGING – Brick and mortar businesses will see an increase in followers by adding the geotag to their posts. This is an under-used tactic and will increase the chances that local people can stumble onto your business organically, because it’s more searchable by location.
  • USE STORY – Instagram stories are all the rage in 2018, but by and large, they’re still not utilized to the fullest. An Instagram story will live at the top of the feed, giving your business more visibility.


National Geographic: Why Their Instagram Just Works

Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has grown into the number one social media platform for engagement. With over 700 million active users, Instagram tops rival social networking giants such as Snapchat and Twitter. Between its mobile functionality and visual nature, Instagram is a must when it comes to customer engagement. But, how do you gain followers? Enter Instelite. Think of them as an Instagram guide. They use their our own proprietary algorithms to extract users that are highly likely to engage with your page and use targeted interactions to skyrocket your growth. In short, Instelite works to grow your Instagram account using the same techniques used by top influencers. And, there are few influencers in the Instagram game quite like National Geographic.

From One Visual Medium to Another

It would be hard to imagine another company more tailor-made for Instagram than National Geographic. National Geographic, or Nat Geo, is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Their magazines, films, and photos are known the world over for their focus on geography and natural science, as well as their aesthetic beauty. Since Nat Geo’s brand is so well focused, their content is able to follow through with their already established direction. In a recent interview with Recode, National Geographic magazine editor Susan Goldberg said, “We started out with a story and that strong photojournalism, sending writers and photographers all over the world, taking images like nobody has ever seen before….” One quick scroll through Nat Geo’s Instagram feed shows exactly why they are the most popular account on Instagram with 89 million followers.

Speak to Your Followers

Hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and are used to identify messages on a specific topic. If your account uses at least one hashtag, you will experience at least 10% more engagement. Almost every National Geographic post uses the top hashtags, including #love and #travel. This ensures they’ll gain as many followers as possible on Instagram. But, they don’t stop there. National Geographic create branded hashtags that speak to the specific story of the photo, as well as their overall brand. For example, on a recent post featuring a school of sharks, National Geographic used these hashtags: #sharks #savesharks #oceanicwhitetip #bahamas #predator. Anyone scrolling through the content found in these hashtags will quickly find National Geographic.

Tell a Story

When doing an Instagram search, users are typically looking through the photos. But, what happens when they see a photo they like and want to dig deeper? Captions are so important to completing the experience for your followers. On a recent Instagram post, they showed an older man in China stretching his leg straight up flat against a tree at sunrise. It’s a striking image, but the caption provides the additional context, which is that many older Chinese citizens can be seen stretching in public areas across China. Whenever you’re posting a picture, always be sure to provide the whole story. Give your audience the opportunity to better understand your content and you’ll provide them with more opportunity to become engaged. With a 600 word capacity for your captions, you have more than enough room to tell the story of your company.

Go Forth!

Instelite knows what works best on Instagram and they know that National Geographic just works! Since 1888, Nat Geo has been a treasure trove of beautiful photos, thus making them perfect for Instagram. But, they use all of the tools that Instagram provides, and that’s why they’re so popular. When trying to get followers on Instagram, don’t just take one page from National Geographic– take several!

The Best Instagram Accounts & What They’re Doing Right

The term “best” when used to describe Instagram accounts is in a way inappropriate, as part of what makes Instagram great is its plethora of accounts that celebrate different people and their unique skills and experiences. One person’s trash is another’s treasure, or so they say. One way to objectify the question is to look at who has the most followers on Instagram. So let’s take a look at three accounts with some of the most followers, along with two of my personal favorites. Because we all want to answer that most basic question: how do I get more Instagram followers?

Who Has The Most Instagram Followers?

Instagram, of course. Not what you were expecting? I totally get it. Not much to learn from this account, so let’s take a look at number 2 on the list.

@KimKardashian: 113 Million Followers

What is there to say about the most popular Kardashian that hasn’t already been said? Her 113 million followers puts her at the top of any Instagram list. She has inspired several makeup styles and brands, and she helped make “selfie” the word of the year. She’s consistent with her posts and branding, and she’s almost always positive in those posts. Kim Kardashian, for better or worse, is the epitome of what many think of as a self-obsessed millennial culture, one that uses social media to glam-up their lives. Kim, for the most part, offers followers a look into the fabulous and has inspired many.

@Therock: 108 Million Followers

Also known as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or just Dwayne Johnson, The Rock has gained a faithful following on Instagram by posting selfie videos that encourage hard work and positivity. Throw in the tons-of-fun personality and playfulness, it’s easy to see why people love his posts. His enthusiasm is contagious. Many celebrities rank high on the Instagram followers list, but The Rock showcases fan art, inspires his followers, and shares glimpses of his personal life and workout routines. Anyone looking for how to get instagram followers should take a page from his book by sticking to things like positivity and fun. Mix up a fair amount of video and photo posts too.

@Banksy: 2.2 Million Followers

Banksy is a well known, but totally anonymous graffiti artist. He posts photos of his most recent works to his Instagram, many of which are quickly painted over or washed away within days. It’s a fun game for many of his followers, searching out his work before it’s gone. You may not be an artist, but Banksy’s instagram account is very popular because every post has meaning and urgency behind it. That may be the takeaway here: it isn’t about how often you post, but what you post!

@Natgeo: 88.7 Million Followers

Instagram is still a photo-centric platform, and National Geographic has been taking stunning photos for over 130 years. It makes sense then, that they’d have a stellar following on Instagram. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be successful. But, a picture is a story, and if you’re posting just any old photo you’re not likely to engage and grow your following.

@Baddiewinkle: 3.4 Million Followers

Baddie Winkle is a great example of an Instagrammer that is consistently true to her brand. If you thought Betty White was cool, consider @Baddiewinkle. Baddie is known for her eccentric outfits and style, her promotion of the legalization of marijuana, and her Instagram catchphrase — “Stealing Your Man Since 1928.” Any aspiring social media influencer should take note of the way she lives her life: people obviously still relate to honesty and truth to oneself. Be true to yourself and be consistent. This is one of the best ways to attract a loyal audience and obtain the most followers on Instagram.

10 Ways to Increase your Organic Instagram Followers

Instagram, since being purchased by Facebook in 2012, has gradually made its way to an algorithmic feed, one that makes it ever more difficult to track engagement and grow your followers organically. In 2018, there will be more options than ever for you to “pay-to-play,” but knowing how to get followers on Instagram organically will give you a more engaging social media presence. You’ll create more loyalty amongst your followers too. Here are 10 ways to increase your organic Instagram followers, meaning you won’t have to pay any extra to see positive results.

1.) Use Instagram Story

Instagram story is still under-used and offers you the opportunity to stand out. Stories live above the feed, making your posts more visible to those that follow you and, in general, are more engaging.

2.) Amp Up Your Bio

Take advantage of your opportunity to hook people in by writing a memorable bio. It doesn’t have to be an essay, but it should be a clear indication of who you are and what you’re all about. One of the greatest aspects of Instagram is that you can change this as often as you like. So, play around with it until you feel you’ve got it just right.

3.) Make Your Profile Consistent

Just as your bio is the first introduction to who you are, so is your profile. This includes a quick reference of all your most recent posts. It’s important to keep this consistent so that people who aren’t familiar with you can easily get a sense of who you are. Go through and do a little trimming every now and then, removing those random cat photos, so as not to distract the eye. Or, if your Instagram is all about cats, get rid of those human photos.

4.) Learn the Algorithm

This doesn’t mean you need to completely understand the computer software, but do invest just a little time into understand it how it ranks posts. A few minutes spent understanding the basics can translate into more reach for your social media presence.

5.) Posting Times

Everyone has an opinion on when is the best time to post. It depends on your followers, though. Instagram makes it easy to check the stats within the app. Tap the profile tab, then the Instagram insights icon, and finally the bar chart icon in the upper-right corner. This will show you your follower activity. Here you can see when your followers are most active and post accordingly.

6.) Host Contests

From trivia questions to giveaways, interacting with your followers by hosting a contest or giveaway can be a lot of fun. This is a sure-fire way to increase your relationship to followers, allowing you to rank higher within the algorithm.

7.) Ask Questions

This is similar to hosting contests, only you can do it much more frequently. Pose a question to your community that encourages them to interact with you. This is still one of the best ways to increase your organic Instagram followers.

8.) Go Live

When you go live on Instagram, your icon will live at the top of the feed, accompanied by a little red “Live” badge. This makes you more visible to your followers and helps you stand out.

9.) Mix up Photo and Video

Research suggests that people may like photos more, but comment more on video posts. Why not mix it up and get the best of both worlds?

10.) Less Is More

Over-posting can have a negative impact on your overall reach. Make sure you focus on the quality, not the quantity of your posts. Always leave them wanting more! This is key in attracting those organic Instagram followers.