At Instelite, we help you reach out to the right people so you get the followers you most definitely deserve. we only use real and organic methods to help build up your Instagram presence.


We boast ourselves with the best Instagram knowledge and expertise. Through carefully planned Instagram actions and content management, we can help your Instagram account gain abundant likes and comments in a short matter of time.


Customizable account automation, determine what level of engagement you want to have with your followers and experience a unique engagement experience that you control. Automatically interact with your targeted audience and get more free time to focus on unique, personalized content!


Open new business opportunities through a successful social media campaign. With our expertise in Instagram marketing and social media advertisement, we help turn your IG account into a trendy business, complete with the necessary elements to generate revenue.

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Target your followers.

Our advanced algorithms and social media expertise allow you to target niche specific followers that build up your influence. With Instelite, you get to build your unique following of real people.

Whether you’re into fashion, music, travel, food, cute pets, or anything under the sun, we make sure you get to reach out to the right people, get Instagram famous.

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Hundreds of Online Businesses, E-commerce stores, Brick & Mortar, Services, and Brands trust Instelite with their Instagram management. With us, you can build a targeted audience, generate new leads & sales, and establish your brand all at once!

Audience Generation

Target users based on gender, location, interest, and more! Then interact with these users organically 24/7 driving hundreds of visits per day.

Sales Funnel

Use Instelite to create your most successful sales funnel. Bring users to your profile with specific Comments and then drop them an introductory DM sharing your offer. Has a 58% click-through rate!


Users are 72% more likely to interact with your business on Instagram than any other platform. If you do not have a professional Instagram page you are missing out on sales!


Real, Targeted Growth. Get Started Today.

Get exclusive offers from Instelite that provides you with extensive features to help boost your social media influence. We will help you set your Instagram milestones through real, targeted, and organic growth.


Perfect for Business
  • Automatic Likes
    Get up to 250 likes per post automatically

  • Send Unique DMs
    Send messages to followers or targeted users. Great for generating link clicks, sharing promotions, and discounts.
  • Targeted Comments
    Leave life-like comments based on keywords. Great for driving more traffic to your page.
  • Executive Service
    From setup to support, you will work exclusively with a business specialist.
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Targeted Liking
  • Growth Optimization


Perfect for Influencers

  • Automatic Likes

  • Send Unique DMs
  • Targeted Comments
  • VIP Service
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Targeted Liking
  • Growth Optimization


Perfect for Most Users
  • Automatic Likes

  • Send Unique DMs
  • Targeted Comments
  • VIP Service
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Targeted Liking
  • Growth Optimization

Trusted by 5,000+ people

Everyone is trying to get noticed on Soundcloud and YouTube butInstagram has been our secret weapon in landing awesome gigs! When we play gigs it is always our Instagram fans that show up first!

Being a doctor, there is so much that I want to share with the world. Instagram gives me a platform to help so many people at once. And itsamazing how many brands, like Figs, are eager to sponsor my journey.

I always wanted to make a career in fitness but just couldnít get past5k followers. Instelite has literally made my dreams possible. People are DMing me nonstop asking for personal training, tips, and more. I am on the verge of getting sponsored by a major supplement company too!

We have gone from a simple nutritional supplement to one of the most followed EDM pages on Instagram. Using analytics, we have found that over 80% of our clients have found us through Instagram!

“We have gone from a simple nutritional supplement to one of the most followed EDM pages on Instagram. Using analytics, we have found that over 80% of our clients have found us through Instagram!”

“Our business model is simple. Everyone should have a wristband, so just pay shipping.We are shipping out hundreds of bands per week and Instagram is our only marketing channel.”

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