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We keep it real here in Instelite, we nurture each client and help turn them into influencers through organic Instagram growth methods.


At Instelite, we help you reach out to the right people so you get the followers you most definitely deserve. we only use real and organic methods to help build up your Instagram presence.


We boast ourselves with the best Instagram knowledge and expertise. Through carefully planned Instagram actions and content management, we can help your Instagram account gain abundant likes and comments in a short matter of time.


Customizable account automation, determine what level of engagement you want to have with your followers and experience a unique engagement experience that you control. Automatically interact with your targeted audience and get more free time to focus on unique, personalized content!


Open new business opportunities through a successful social media campaign. With our expertise in Instagram marketing and social media advertisement, we help turn your IG account into a trendy business, complete with the necessary elements to generate revenue.

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Target your followers.

Our advanced algorithms and social media expertise allow you to target niche specific followers that build up your influence. With Instelite, you get to build your unique following of real people.

Whether you’re into fashion, music, travel, food, cute pets, or anything under the sun, we make sure you get to reach out to the right people, get Instagram famous.

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Real, Targeted Growth. Get Started Today.

Get exclusive offers from Instelite that provides you with extensive features to help boost your social media influence. We will help you set your Instagram milestones through real, targeted, and organic growth.


Perfect for VIPs

  • Everything included in Executive
  • 24/7 Text Support With Top Guru
  • EngageXchange Included
  • Handselected Hashtags
  • Handcrafted Targeted Comments
  • Analysis & Optimization by Top Guru Weekly
  • Youtube Growth Included
  • Twitter Growth Included


Perfect for Business

  • Send Unique DMs
    Send messages to followers or targeted users. Great for generating link clicks, sharing promotions, and discounts.
  • Targeted Comments
    Leave life-like comments based on keywords. Great for driving more traffic to your page.
  • Automatic Likes
    Get an extra 500 likes per post automatically
  • Business Coaching
    Learn how to maximize the value of Instagram for your business with 1-on-1 consulting every month.
  • Executive Service
    From setup to support, you will work exclusively with a business specialist.
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Targeted Liking
  • Growth Optimization


Perfect for Influencers

  • Send Unique DMs
  • Targeted Comments
  • Automatic Likes
  • Influencer Coaching
    Get exclusive advice on Instagram success tailored to your page and your niche from existing influencers.
  • VIP Service
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Targeted Liking
  • Growth Optimization


Perfect for Most Users

  • Send Unique DMs
  • Targeted Comments
  • Automatic Likes
  • Influencer Coaching
  • VIP Service
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Targeted Liking
  • Growth Optimization

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My followers back in the days consisted only of people I personally knew. When I decided to see if I could make a living out of it, I looked for ways to boost my followers, that’s when I found out about Instelite. Their methods are real and their people are great! They really helped me reach my targets and up to this day, my influences still grows.


I signed up with Instelite back then just out of curiosity. I wanted to increase my followers and I saw their ads online so I gave it a shot. A few weeks passed and my followers just kept adding up! Mind you, these are real people, with real Instagram accounts so you’re sure that it isn’t a scam. If you want to be an influencer and start making money out of Instagram, then Instelite is the best option.


Nowadays, it’s really hard to be an established influencer on social media. As a Fashion blogger & stylist, reaching out on Instagram has been one of the biggest issues I faced. But With Instelite’s help, I was able to get legit and real followers, that helped grow my influence and reach. I can say that Instelite has really helped establish and nourish my brand through their Instagram expertise.


Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is something not a lot of people may know about, and as a practitioner, I find it difficult to be an influencer through social media. I do regularly post blogs on my site, but these days, Instagram is one of the best ways to reach out to the niche I was targeting. Instelite helped me do just that, within a few months, my followers increased and I was able to reach out to the people I want to reach out to.


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