Have You Been Part of a "Loop Giveaway," "Celebrity Growth Campaign" or "Sweepstakes" on Instagram? You Need to Read This.

You’ve paid the money, you gained thousands of followers, and now you’re wondering why your engagement is either the same or worse. Don’t worry – there is a way to fix this. It’s called a Re-Engagement campaign. 

Here's The Problem

Participants that are following you are going down a list, clicking Follow, without ever actually visiting your profile. Because they have never seen, yet alone engaged, with your content, the algorithm does not show them your content! 

Your Engagement Decreases

Because a smaller percent of your Followers are engaging with your content, Instagram sees this as a cue to show your content less. Therefore, most accounts see a drop in engagement overall.

How to Fix it

It’s called a “Re-Engagement Campaign“. All of your new followers are like Gold waiting to be mined. If we can get them to your profile to engage with a single post, then they will start seeing your posts! We use Likes, Comments, and Story Views. Sounds simple enough, right?

Our Simple, Proven Process.

We Extract Your Recent Followers

We Engage Then Through Your Account

Repeat Until All New Followers See Your Content

Save Your Instagram Now

Let us start working to re-engage your new followers and skyrocket your engagement to levels much greater than before. Do NOT be a victim of these campaigns. Instead, be a champion. We are here to help. All of our services are done by our highly trained growth agents by hand, so we do NOT break terms.

Re-Engagement Rescue Plan

Save Your Instagram
$ 250 Per month
  • Extract all new followers
  • Engage with their content
  • Manual operations (does NOT break terms)
  • 6 month service

Trusted by 5,000+ Users

When it comes to growing your Instagram, there are not many services that match up to Instelite. I know firsthand that it can give me results better than anything on the market. I’ve been able to connect with thousands and thousands of fitness professionals that are all engaging. This has really made me a top influencer in the fitness community and the amount of sponsorships opportunities is endless.


As a former NFL player my goal is to influence those in and outside of sports and growing your social media is KEY. I 100 percent feel that Instelite knows how to target your audience and increase your reach. I have been able to grow my personal brand and network with the biggest celebrities on Instagram.


Wow! I’ve tried a few different Instagram Growth companies but never have I received such great results. I worked with Alex, one of their Growth Gurus and he assisted me in selecting the BEST target accounts to engage with. I’ve sold 3 separate million-dollar listings from Instagram in the last 4 months. It pays for itself!


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