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We team up with Instagram’s biggest celebrities and influencers, who will guide their followers to follow you. Those who follow you will have a chance to win cash and prizes! The result, you gain thousands of new followers in days, and millions of new eyes on your profile or business.


Each sweepstakes has a low maximum capacity so spots are EXTREMELY limited.

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Your account will be seen by millions of people by featuring it on some of Instagram’s most famous.

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Thousands of people all over the world will follow you in order to win the grand prize!

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Choosing a Winner

  1. We scraped all of the Comments from all of the main Sweepstakes Posts.
  2. We removed every single Duplicate.
  3. We copied the list of usernames that Commented and entered that list into Random.org
  4. We got our top 10 Winners
  5. We started from the top and went down until we found the first person who followed ALL of the Rules.

Telling the Winner!

We had to make sure that the winner was willing to comply with all of our rules before announcing that they would be receiving the money. We are so happy to the $5000 is going to a good person that  will really benefit from it.

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