Mike Magolnick

Mike Magolnick

Mike Magolnick is the CEO of The Red Flag Image Company. He a twenty-year executive, a 3-time Amazon Bestselling Author and a popular keynote speaker in the fields of Brand Strategy, Reputation Management, Business Planning, Social and Digital Media.  Mike is a social media pioneer and among the most connected people in the world with a personal reach of millions including business and political leaders, celebrities, authors and more. Mike has personally worked with dozens of companies on strategic planning for social infrastructure, reputation management and growth. Over the past 20 years, Mike has become one of the foremost business-strategy and venture-planning professionals in North America having been involved in the execution of hundreds of business plans. In addition, Mike has served as a C-level executive for two public companies.  In the early 1990’s Mike was the founder and managing partner for Venture Consulting, a business planning and marketing analysis firm in South Florida. He went on to build a number of companies, several of which have gone on to become multi-million-dollar businesses. In 1999 Mike started SolutionHome and invented the Internet’s first domain name appraisal formula. He was personally responsible for more than 50,000 domain name appraisals, served as an expert witness for major Internet court cases and participated in the development of several important industry-shaping events such as the drafting of the Internet Cybersquatting Law and the development and growth of ICANN. In 2004 Mike founded Complete Identity, an international marketing and brand strategy company that worked with $100 million+ companies. During the mid-2000s Mike became of the foremost experts on all things Internet, digital marketing and social media. Mike has been a recognized business and Internet expert having been interviewed and/or appearing in print in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, American Venture Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The American Business Journal and other national publications.


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