10 Insider Tips to Grow Your Instagram

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Ever wonder how so many people have gotten the opportunity to become Instagram Famous? It sounds a tad silly to use those two words in the same sentence but yes it is a REAL achievement! It is not easy to go from 100 followers to 100K in a short period of time and it is definitely not easy to make that substantial amount of individuals engage with your posts. However, it is not impossible and we at Insta Elite want to share with you the tricks to turning your personal or business account into a money making machine.

Tip #1 Choose your Niche

If you are a fitness fanatic, health professional, or a makeup lover, then the names Jen Selter, Dr. Mike and Amrezy should ring a bell. They are the top social media influencers in their niche and succeeding in every aspect that their particular vocation entails. Choosing specific categories that describe the type of posts you will be making, will help other instagram users find you and want to follow you. Choose a niche and stick to it.

Tip #2 Make Engaging Posts

If you are using your Instagram account aa personal way to demonstrate all the different aspects of your life them there are no rules in what or when to post. However, if you are using your Instagram account for business, it is extremely important to post photos/videos that are pertinent to your niche. Whether you are advertising a new product or promoting a possible sale, it is crucial to make every post eye catching and appealing so your followers can interact with you.

Tip #3 Know when to Post

You may be wondering why time is important in growing your audience, but it is a KEY factor in contributing to high engagement. Knowing exactly where the majority of your followers are from is also very essential because if most of your followers are located in the west coast and you are posting from the east coast at 10 am, it is likely that your followers are still sleeping and not on their phones and unable to engage with your post. Therefore, you will not receive as many likes and/or comments as you would have if you would have posted at a different time.

Tip #4 Use Hashtags

Commenting your top 30 hashtags immediately after posting will increase your exposure especially when other users search the hashtags you chose. Your content will be displayed and if it draws their attention, they are most likely going to visit your page and give you a follow.

Tip #5 Limiting Post Amount

There is always someone on Instagram who posts a 100 times a day. They use Instagram as their personal photo album for every event they attend and they are constantly crowding the feed. I can’t tell you how many times I have hit the unfollow button because let’s be honest, it becomes overwhelming. You do not want to flood your followers, or future clients feed before they get a chance to see what you are about! Limit posting to 2 per day so you do not crowd the feed.

Tip #6 Interact with your Followers

Your followers are a big part of what makes your page interesting and fascinating to those who do not know you…yet. Your follower count and content makes you stand out from the rest of the Instagram user pool and thanks to them, other bloggers or businesses will want to network with you. Interact with your followers as much as you can and let them know they are appreciated.

Tip #7 Follower to Following Ratio is Important

As a public figure, it is particularly of importance to you to keep your follower to following ratio more than 1. When a company sees your follower count to be significantly higher than your following count, you have reached an elite status which makes is easier for you to receive sponsorships and ambassador deals.

Tip #8 Never Post two Selfies in a Row

We get it, selfies are fun. I probably have over a thousand selfies saved in my cellphone, however, only a few have made the cut and made their way into my Instagram. Posting too many selfies, indicates a lack of professionalism, obsessive behavior and too repetitive, therefore causing some followers to become bored.

Tip #9 Be professional

If you are a social influencer or a business, it is of high importance that you maintain a level of professionalism towards your followers, clients and Instagram trolls. You are not going to be everybody’s cup of tea so be prepared to receive some inappropriate, and rude comments under your posts or direct messages. Maintaining your composure and class will help you stand out to more well known companies and receive better networking opportunities.

Tip #10 Have fun!

Your Instagram account can become your source of income if you manage it properly, and efficiently. However, this does not mean that it has to be all work and no play; The idea is to share with the world who and what you are and the many talents you possess. Be creative, open minded to new ideas and most importantly…Have fun!

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