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We have gone from a simple nutritional supplement to one of the most followed EDM pages on Instagram. Using analytics, we have found that over 80% of our clients have found us through Instagram!


Everyone is trying to get noticed on Soundcloud and YouTube butInstagram has been our secret weapon in landing awesome gigs! When we play gigs it is always our Instagram fans that show up first!


Nowadays, it’s really hard to be an established influencer on social media. As a Fashion blogger & stylist, reaching out on Instagram has been one of the biggest issues I faced. But With Instelite’s help, I was able to get legit and real followers, that helped grow my influence and reach. I can say that Instelite has really helped establish and nourish my brand through their Instagram expertise.


Being a doctor, there is so much that I want to share with the world. Instagram gives me a platform to help so many people at once. And itsamazing how many brands, like Figs, are eager to sponsor my journey.


The money I get from Instagram promos makes a college budget a little easier. I even got a job from one of my followers!


I always wanted to make a career in fitness but just couldnít get past5k followers. Instelite has literally made my dreams possible. People are DMing me nonstop asking for personal training, tips. I am on the verge of getting sponsored by a major supplement company too!


Instelite has helped us connect with the fitness community in our area using their geo-location targeting feature. Now every gym goer and healthy eater in Delray Beach knows about us and can easily schedule his or her next class. This is a great investment for any local business trying to create a massive presence in their community and online. It pays for itself!


We didn’t have much success when we opened and it was hard to compete with all these other bars in the area but once we signed up with Instelite, we immediately started seeing an influx of new customers. Definitely not canceling anytime soon!! We gained 10,000 followers in two months!


Our business model is simple. Everyone should have a wristband, so just pay shipping. We are shipping out hundreds of bands per week and Instagram is our only marketing channel.


Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is something not a lot of people may know about, and as a practitioner, I find it difficult to be an influencer through social media. I do regularly post blogs on my site, but these days, Instagram is one of the best ways to reach out to the niche I was targeting. Instelite helped me do just that, within a few months, my followers increased and I was able to reach out to the people I want to reach out to.


Thank you so much Instelite for handling my Instagram account. You have managed to get us thousands of followers, something we were not able to do on our own!! I highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to get on Instagram, it’s a great marketing tool !!!!


As a former NFL player my goal is to influence those in and outside of sports and growing your social media is KEY. I 100 percent feel that Instelite knows how to target your audience and increase your reach. I have been able to grow my personal brand and network with the biggest celebrities on Instagram.


Wow! I’ve tried a few different Instagram Growth companies but never have I received such great results. I worked with Alex, one of their Growth Gurus and he assisted me in selecting the BEST target accounts to engage with. I’ve sold 3 separate million-dollar listings from Instagram in the last 4 months. It pays for itself!


We couldn’t be happier using Instelite for our couple locations. When I signed up I was partnered with a dedicated account manager, who has helped me manage my account since and we are consistently increasing traffic to the store. We can track it by the coupons we give out in our Direct messages—Thanks to Instelite.


When it comes to growing your Instagram, there are not many services that match up to Instelite. I know firsthand that it can give me results better than anything on the market. I’ve been able to connect with thousands and thousands of fitness professionals that are all engaging. This has really made me a top influencer in the fitness community and the amount of sponsorships opportunities is endless.


Ever since these guys took over my Instagram account it has grown leaps and bounds but not with just dead-beat people but people who I can work with and will actually be clients of mine. I can’t say enough good things about them!


Everyone is a DJ now, luckily I use the Executive package with Instelite so I can contact every new follower with my new song link. I have gained my account to almost 100k in 6 months and I’ve been getting booked for gigs left and right! Check me out!


Instelite is great because they are customizable and not one size fits all. I personally only use their comment feature and I still get great results. I am using them for a few of my businesses and their customer support outstanding


I have established myself as a public speaker and entrepreneur, but it was not until I started working with Instelite that I started gaining the public recognition I had been missing.


I’ve always had a passion for traveling. Instelite has helped me build a huge following and now I am traveling basically for free. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, are all wanting me to promote them on my page!


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