Chris Kostantewicz’s CK Media is Changing How to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

This last year was a huge one for social media, digital brands, and online influencers.

This last year was a huge one for social media, digital brands, and online influencers. Since so many of us have been quarantined and isolating ourselves indoors, services like YouTube and Netflix have seen exponential increases in the amount of content streamed, and platforms like TikTok and Instagram catching up – and arguably, even ahead – of other social media apps. Instagram alone now has over 500 million users posting, engaging with, and sharing content from posts and stories every day.



From 0 to 100(k)


With such rapid and sustained growth on just one social platform, it’s not surprising that many businesses have begun offering growth services for instagram accounts. While many of these companies use AI-based bot accounts to grant their users quantity over quality, there exists one company that offers both, and it’s completely changing the industry.


CK Media is a social media marketing agency based in Los Angeles, CA. CK Media specializes in celebrity advertising, giveaway promotions, and press publications. Since 2018, CK Media has helped over 5,000 global brands grow their online presence to over 100,000 followers each on Instagram, all through purely organic reach. Their unique business model means that your personal or professional brand gets in front of real Instagram users and their accounts, bringing you increased organic traffic and a more rapid monetization turnaround of your social media.



Results-driven, Inside and Out


CK Media’s CEO, Chris Kostantewicz, founded the media agency during his years working on social media marketing campaigns for the Hollywood elite. Chris says it was this experience in marketing major film production campaigns from companies such as Sony, Blumhouse, and Netflix to LA’s film scene, while learning the industry standards and its best business practices, that gave him the ability to offer top-tier services to the Instagram elite.


“We really stick out as a company by understanding the industry we’re in, providing solutions for your brand that are top-tier,” says Chris. “We focus on working with an elite few clients compared to thousands at a time to always provide the most personalized, concierge experience possible that actually achieves the results we talk about and our clients want.”



Elite Growth for Instagram VIPs


One major secret to CK Media’s success is its ability to connect its clients’ brands with its celebrity partnerships. The agency is able to promote its clients accounts, products, or services to private influencers and celebrities within their network. These influencers and celebrities then run promotions from their own accounts to highlight the client’s brand, giving the client massive worldwide exposure and coverage in real-time and generating immediate growth for the client’s social media accounts. Some celebrities in CK Media’s network who have promoted their clients in the past include Da Baby, Lil Mosey, and even Snoop Dogg.


The catch? Well, there really isn’t one. Celebrities are human after all, too, so the promotions and celebrity accounts tied to them vary from week to week. This means that if you have your heart set on promoting your brand through a particular celebrity, it’s best to reach out to one of CK Media’s VIP agents to see how they can start helping you.



Since 2018, CK Media has served 3000 clients in Los Angeles and beyond, utilizing the most cutting edge organic growth tactics for Hollywood’s influencers and the most dynamic advertising campaigns for elite businesses. At CK Media, our growth specialists are always pushing the envelope to ensure our VIP client base receives the utmost quality of service and care. Visit to contact an agent or learn more today.

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