Vape4Ever Offers Quality Accessories for Smoking Marijuana

Who knew that studying two billionaires, one real and the other fictional, would lead to a successful career helping people alleviate pain through holistic remedies?

Who knew that studying two billionaires, one real and the other fictional, would lead to a successful career helping people alleviate pain through holistic remedies? But for Wayne Chen, owner of online head shop Vape4Ever, his two idols, Charlie Munger and Bruce Wayne, offered the perfect combination of drive, business savvy, and compassion to put him on an honorable career path.


Wayne became interested in starting his own business after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter in high school. He followed entrepreneurial and investment stories of Wall Street and Silicone Valley, infusing Charlie Munger’s ethical investment philosophies into his own small businesses. 


In 2016, while Wayne was running his online shop selling nicotine e-cigarettes, he noticed more people were asking about cannabis vaping devices. The climate for marijuana was changing in the United States, and after learning about medical marijuana and how it can be used to help people suffering from physical or mental illness, everything clicked.


“It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.”


That quote from Batman Begins stuck with Wayne and wanted his actions and legacy to define him. He pivoted his online e-cigarette store to enter the cannabis industry, and the current version of Vape4Ever was born.


Wayne believes the benefits of marijuana outweigh the controversies and regulatory restrictions the industry has had to battle over the years. 


“This plant species is opening up doorways to a better future, both medically and technologically,” Chen says. “Both CBD and medicinal herb have already proven their worth.”


According to Wayne, the weed vaporizer is the future of cannabis consumption. It provides consumers access to different concentrations and even compounds such as CBD. The demographic is younger than in the past, and there are more options available than ever before. 


Vaporizers are more portable and convenient than traditional methods of smoking. There isnt the “trademark” smell of marijuana, allowing the user less pressure to conceal their gear. According to one study, weed vaping produces stronger effects compared to traditional use. 


Wayne and his staff are in a constant state of education about cannabis and the industry. Knowing how to help customers identify what products can best relieve they’re seeking is the top priority of Vape4Ever. Not everyone has a head shop nearby, so Vape4Ever only stocks the highest quality inventory to narrow the otherwise daunting choices of the cannabis accessory market. They deliver directly and discreetly to your door, adding to the convenience of the customer experience. Looking for a rehab center near you? Check out for a directory of facilities in your area. 

Charlie Munger once said, “Good businesses are ethical businesses.” Wayne Chen and his Vape4Ever staff are striving to live up to those words and be those virtuous heroes in the shadows, forever fighting to change the perception of the cannabis industry, helping people live well and be well. 


For more information, visit to experience the world-class service they’re known for.

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