Use Cases

eCommerce & Shopify Users

Whether you’re a small business bringing your storefront to the digital marketplace or a trendy and established eCommerce store – Instelite supports the ability of targeting niche audiences which based on analytics are potentially interested in your segment of products. On average, we find this being an alternative to paid marketing on Instagram with significant cost savings and ROI.

  • Product Specific Niche Targeting
  • Fast Reach & Engagement
  • Adapt in Realtime

Huna Wristbands

We have reduced our spend with sponsored advertising on Instagram with Instelite. We have the ability of specifying which target audience we would like to target based on the types of products that we will be focusing on with our posting strategy.

– Tyler Baruch – Owner of Huna Wristbands

Network Marketing Professionals

If you’re a network marketing professional that’s focusing on several MLM types, Instelite has the ability to create your network of like-minded and target prospects through multiple Instagram channels which target specific types of audiences which organically focuses on reaching your targets, expanding your network and growth hacking with a minimal budget.

  • Create Your Own Network
  • Utilize Power of Influence
  • Adapt in Realtime

J.A. Unlimited LLC.

I recently joined a MLM with the goal of eliminating my full-time job with a minimal budget. I started with Instelite with growing one Instagram account targeting a female audience with a make-up line of products and wow, the power of influence really supports conversions. I have now expanded to 15 Instagram accounts that target various niches with combined 235K genuine and engaged Instagram followers.

– Henry Motz – CEO and founder J.A. Unlimited LLC.


Becoming an influencer is all about driving value through authority. Instelite supports becoming an influencer with the ability of first establishing value through a unique posting strategy and then by targeting your ideal audience based on previous behavioral patterns they have had on Instagram.

  • Establish Niche-Oriented Posting Strategy
  • Engage Niches Based on Previous Behavior
  • Adapt in Realtime

Fashion Influencer

I have grown my Instagram following with Instelite to 180K in a very short amount of time. Combining their genuine Instagram following growth with the posting strategy that they have created has really allowed me to dominate my fitness niche. I’ve established a strong and supportive fan base.

– Carlyn Smith – Fashion Influencer