Turning Disorder into Power: Earth’s Edge Wellness

Eating disorders, despite our modern fixation on thinness, are not new issues. The earliest mention of eating disorders in writing dates back to 1689. However, the treatment of eating disorders has remained relatively the same since the 1970s. Earth’s Edge Wellness seeks to flip the script, combining holistic and traditional treatment practices for eating disorders.

 Yoni Banayan, Earth’s Edge Wellness founder, believes our disorders can be turned into power. 

  “Often, disorders can be the dark side or the symptom of untapped talent you possess,” says Yoni.

 This unique approach to disorders is precisely what Earth’s Edge Wellness intends to bring to the healthcare and psychotherapy space. 


 Yoni and his colleagues at Earth’s Edge utilize a combination of holistic treatments with traditional approaches to eating disorder therapy to bring a truly whole-person approach to wellness. They hope people will see that a different way of looking at eating disorder treatment could have life-changing results. 


 The holistic approaches are what set Earth’s Edge apart from standard clinical settings. Classic therapy is combined with modalities such as shamanism, reiki, Kundalini yoga, and breathwork. This taps into the human behind the disorder. They inject playfulness, curiosity, and transparency into treatment plans, allowing for people receiving treatment to focus on their physical and mental wellness. 


 The cornerstone of Earth’s Edge philosophy is the idea that disorders are displaced passion. Earth’s Edge strives to tap into that hidden passion with meditation and even career counseling. 

This allows people to reroute their pain, frustration, and disordered thinking into a healthy, passion-driven trajectory. 


 Earth’s Edge wants to see a shift in the way providers and patients think about getting better. Yoni calls this a ““medically and scientifically informed soul retrieval”. The therapies include everything from somatic experiencing to bioenergetics, allowing patients to become more connected to their bodies and their way of being in the world. 


 When it comes to the “eating” part of eating disorders, Earth’s Edge Wellness does not stray from its unconventional treatment philosophies. They encourage intuitive eating, a practice of 10 self-care principles created by dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Intuitive eating teaches patients to tune out ideas of “good” and “bad” foods and emphasizes listening to your body. It seeks to instruct people on knowing when they feel full, satisfied, or truly hungry. 


  Earth’s Edge also follows a Family-based treatment called Plate-by-Plate, specifically targeting younger patients and children with eating disorders. According to the author and dietician Wendy Sterling, the Plate-by-Plate method ““helps parents navigate the high-calorie demands of malnutrition and weight gain, while helping them reacquaint their child with foods they used to love.” This includes eliminating calorie-counting and measuring, actions often adopted when one is embroiled in compulsive behavior. 


 As Earth’s Edge website proclaims, their team is about believing the unbelievable. They offer the ability to customize a healthcare plan with a range of modalities available, each looking to heal the whole person and not just laser-focus on a disorder or a diagnosis. This method of wellness has proven to be popular and effective, with online reviews praising Yoni and his team as empathetic and dedicated to whole-body healing. 


 Earth’s Edge brings a fresh perspective to the age-old issue of eating disorders, seeking to understand the human being behind the illness with all of their uniqueness and passions. 

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