Mena Garcia – One to Watch in 2021

For Mena Garcia, creating a comprehensive resume of education, experience, and skills would be quite an undertaking.

For Mena Garcia, creating a comprehensive resume of education, experience, and skills would be quite an undertaking. For starters, with 485K followers, placing Influencer and Instagram sensation at the top of the list would suffice for many. It sounds hard to believe, but her many other unique jobs and talents overshadow this part of her career.

Starting young

Garcia’s long list of career experiences and a rather nomadic lifestyle began right after high school graduation when she left for New York City to study acting. While in acting school, she began modeling. Acting school only lasted a year, but the modeling has been a steady and lucrative career since her humble beginnings. And now, years later, Garcia says she believes modeling has been more natural and easier for her because of the skills she learned while studying the acting trade.


Now, let’s add a certified scuba diving instructor to her resume. In this area, Garcia has cornered a unique market — underwater modeling. Whether it’s underwater or under the bright lights, Garcia has relied on modeling as a steady gig. However, while modeling, she says she has always also been studying. Her objective is to learn as many trades and skills as possible related to the beauty and fashion industry so she can be ‘fashion and beauty independent.’ 


In her quest toward this goal, Garcia trained as an Image Consultant at the London Image Institute. As an Image Consultant, Garcia says she specializes in color. She is also a talented make-up artist and nail art specialist. “With my experience as a model and living all around the world, seeing and understanding different cultures, and being an image consultant and a trained makeup artist, I can help people to be happy within their own skin and achieve their goals,” says Garcia. As if this is not enough, Garcia is looking forward to launching her own clothing brand, which has been on pause due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Staying true to her principles and her vision

In true Mena Garcia style, her clothing brand will not be ordinary, by any means. Garcia, a vegan, struggles to find a manufacturer that respects her vigilance regarding her principles. “It is very hard to find manufacturers that are up to my standard and values of sustainability, cruelty-free, and vegan. I do not want to work with a manufacturer who almost does the right job and has a bit less residue. I want the manufacturer who goes the extra mile to make products as eco-friendly as possible,” states Garcia. And these values remain firm as she searches for the right person for the job.


Furthermore, Garcia says she won’t work with manufacturers who produce products for other brands that go against her principles, even if they would be sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan for her. And she also adds that any manufacturer who gets her business will have “optimum working conditions” for the people who work there. “I am trying to make it the right way, and of course, this is a more expensive project and takes more time to develop,” she offers. But the time and money don’t seem to bother Garcia, who is far more concerned about the bigger picture.

The Mena Garcia style

Concerning style, Garcia says her brand designs will be unique because she will create each one personally. Garcia adds that she has no place in her fashion line for what she calls ‘fast fashion’ —  widely popular designs that burn out very quickly. Instead, Garcia prefers classic and unique fashions that no one can categorize as a quick fad. 


Ultimately, Garcia hopes to promote the vegan lifestyle as a healthy and responsible choice, allowing it to ditch its eccentric stereotype. Eventually, Garcia plans to have her own magazine to promote her clothing brand and the vegan way of life. With all her efforts, she hopes to show the world that veganism is a choice, and people who make this choice aren’t just ‘hippies.’ Garcia’s mission includes educating people so they understand the need for more eco-friendly and vegan brands. Her dream is that her fashion line proves vegans can wear all different types of fashionable clothes.

One to watch

These days, Garcia calls both London and Buenos Aires ‘home,’ but says she is open to moving again. Having traveled worldwide, studied many different skills, excelled at several jobs, and developed a tremendous Instagram following, Mena Garcia could be quite satisfied with her accomplishments. Instead, she is preparing her battle plan. Although the pandemic put her clothing line on hold, it’s pretty safe to say that this dream will become a reality soon. Mena Garcia is undoubtedly ‘one to watch’ in 2021.


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