Rob Nagy: The Best-Selling Author Coaching Entrepreneurs to Close Deals on Instagram

Rob Nagy has scaled multiple businesses to over six-figures and penned a best-selling Amazon eBook on how to make money online.

If you could be a digital nomad, what would your business look like? Perhaps you would open your own book-selling business on Amazon. Maybe you would open a series of handcrafted goods shops on Etsy, or book a one-way ticket to California and spend your days networking with industry experts to found and start scaling a social media marketing company or two. That is exactly what one entrepreneur, Rob Nagy, did. 


After realizing that his life wasn’t going in the direction he wanted it to, Rob dropped out of college and founded a marketing company. Together, he and his co-founder scaled the agency to six figures of revenue in under four months. Still, knowing that his techniques for scaling marketing firms had more potential, Rob booked a one-way flight to Los Angeles, networked with like-minded entrepreneurs, and together with his co-founder, rapidly scaled a second social media marketing company to six-figure revenue in just four months.


Realizing that his experience in building, scaling, and selling marketing agencies online was not only profitable, but contained a repeatable process, Rob wrote down his experiences and turned it into a best-selling ebook on Amazon. Now, Rob uses his experience as a young startup founder, entrepreneur, and master business scaler to help other entrepreneurs follow in his footsteps.


After founded, scaling, and selling his equity in his two businesses, Rob decided that “selling followers and publications” wasn’t what he wanted to do anymore. “It wasn’t my endgame,” says Rob, “so I started coaching people on how to make money on instagram…and I haven’t looked back!”


The information in Rob’s best-selling book isn’t just a series of steps on how instagram accounts can rake in higher numbers of likes, comments, or shares. Within “Instagram Unchained: The Raw & Untold Truth To Build A Successful Personal Brand” is found a detailed eight-step process that offers a unique blueprint for business owners to dial-in on their brand, refine their messaging, and attract customers to achieve real, organic growth for their brand. Despite being only 30 pages in length, Rob’s book is focused on a qualitative data-driven process that guarantees real results. How? Because the process outlined within the book itself is the exact same process that Rob used to successfully scale – not one, but two – marketing agencies to six figures of revenue in just a few short months.


“There is no need for other business professionals to go through the trials and tribulations that I have when I have already done it for you,” says Rob in regards to his best-selling book. “This book is a quick and easy read, but by the time you’re done with it, you will have the blueprint I used, the same one which took me years to master, written out step-by-step to help you and your business generate more money and credibility online.”


Currently, Rob’s book is rated at 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with testimonials from readers that the process outlined in its pages have helped take their brand “to the next level.”

Rob Nagy is an entrepreneur and best-selling author. To learn more about his process, his journey, and his work, follow Rob @rob_nagy24 on Instagram.

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