Kathleen Cameron: Bringing Women to Realize Massive Success

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A master manifestation coach, Kathleen Cameron, has spent a great deal of time studying the power of self-image. Her well-known mantra: “You can’t outperform your self-image,” hits home with many who might be letting negative self-thoughts keep them from reaching their true potential.

Cameron credits a large portion of her success to meeting Bob Proctor of the Proctor Gallagher Institute and becoming one of his top coaches. Now, despite COVID-19 restrictions, Cameron managed to forge her own coaching venue, Diamond Academy. Her purpose is to help more people realize that being successful does not happen by chance and that people have the sole power in determining their worth.

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While Cameron’s services extend to both men and women, it’s no surprise that more women need to learn the art of self-love than men. One reason women are a tough sell could be because they possess a worn-down self-image that’s been molded by years of extraneous factors. 

In an article on body-image by womenshealth.gov, it’s no surprise to find that girls are more likely to have a negative body image than boys. The connection between body-image and self-image is powerful for girls because of the role society has dictated for females. 

At a very young age, girls are more likely to be praised for how they look than for their thoughts or actions. These constant reinforcements of the importance of appearance teach girls that they must look good, including being thin. Then, if they do not meet society’s standards — or if they think they do not meet this standard — they develop a negative body image. This mindset eventually develops into a poor self-image. Having low self-esteem affects so many factors in our daily lives. One of these factors is work performance.

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It’s worth mentioning that the divide between successful men and women in business could go back to women’s predisposition to be self-conscious and have a poor self-image. It’s impossible to sell yourself to a room full of clients when even you don’t believe in you.

These are situations and issues Cameron and her team of coaches address every day. And it’s this lack of self-love that women, especially, need to address. This is why Cameron so vehemently claims, “You cannot outperform your own self-image.” If you think you can’t — you can’t. However, if you can truly learn to think you are capable, you will have the power to put your all towards your goals. 

Cameron’s coaching all stems from the mindset of realizing your potential. She says you usually have more potential than you think, and if you can learn to harness these gifts, your successes will arrive. But harnessing your potential begins with having a positive self-image, and even more critical — practicing self-love. Cameron says that possessing self-love can push you towards your pinnacle. 

But how do women who grew up owning a poor body image and low self-esteem get through that mindset and into a more positive one? Cameron confirms it’s not an easy process, but with mentoring and coaching, anyone can break out of that shell and find the successes that await them. And while there is no simple solution, Manifestation coach Cameron offers some advice and strategies to help you start re-training your mindset.

Invest in yourself

Paying attention to your needs is an essential step in achieving a positive self-image. These needs are caring for your physical health, but equally as important is your mental health. Work at visualizing your goals and see yourself reaching those goals. If you can learn to imagine yourself as confident, you will become more confident. If you see yourself in a position of power, you will be more inclined to reach that status. You can also practice meditation. Meditation is a chance to close your brain and rest. Just as the physical body needs rest to perform, so does the mind. These moments of peace will allow you to emerge refreshed, focused, and with a better understanding of the problems and issues you face.


If you do not understand yourself, you cannot understand your choices. This lack of focus is extremely limiting. Self-reflection allows you to scrutinize your actions to achieve a better understanding of ‘self.’  Once you know yourself better, you are more equipped to make any necessary changes. Self-reflection is especially useful in examining setbacks. You have to be able to face your failures and understand why they happened to move beyond them. 

Practice Self-Love

If you can master self-reflection, you will eventually achieve self-love. Looking deep enough and addressing the tough stuff allows you to break the long-standing barriers that once held you back. Once you can embrace everything that you are, you will realize nothing can stop you. Excuses and negativity will be gone, and your full potential awaits.

And so we are back, full-circle, to Cameron’s mantra: “You can not outperform your self-image.” Where your thoughts about yourself lie sets the limit of your potential. If you can master the art of creating a positive self-image that leads to self-love, the sky is your limit. Your mind is your most powerful asset. And manifestation coach Kathleen Cameron has built her life and her business on helping people realize they hold the key to reaching their full potential —  helping them unlock that dream is Cameron’s specialty.

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