Instelite works to grow your Instagram account using the same techniques used by top influencers. Using our proprietary algorithms, we extract users that are highly likely to engage with your page and then we use targeted interactions to skyrocket your growth.

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    Choose Your Plan

    Pick the plan the works best for you. We have several options including a weekly plan. Don’t see a perfect plan? Request a custom one!

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    Tell Us About Your Account

    You’ll be asked to provide some information on your account, your goals, and your preferences. You’ll then work 1-on-1 with a growth specialist to set up your account.

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    See Results Immediately

    Within minutes you will notice the real followers, likes, and comments start to pour in. These are all organic actions as a result of your new increased exposure.


Smart Targeting

Our algorithms do not only find users that are interested in your content, but it determines who is most likely to follow you back!


We have the unique ability to target users based on their location. This is invaluable for businesses and influencers trying to get noticed in a specific geolocation!


Want to only interact with a certain demographic? Let us know! We can hyper-target any demographic that you want to interact with,


Our secret to success is these features. These are not offered by any other Instagram growth agency and they are by far the most important to your safety and success on Instagram. We believe the time and cost of offering these features for free is worth our incomparable results.

Analytics & Optimization

This is the most important and unique feature of our platform. It is the difference between 50 followers per day and 500. Every 10 days, we perform analytics on your account’s performance. We check to see how your target accounts are performing in terms of follow-back ratio. If your target account’s results are not up to our standards, we will replace them with new accounts until all of your target accounts are optimized and you are gaining up to 500 new followers per day.

This means that the longer that you market with us, the better your accounts performance will be.

24/7 Service & Safety

In order for the program to run around-the-clock, we operate an advanced VPS that can handle the mountains of data produced by your account. It never sleeps and never stops running.

For your account’s protection, we provide a free personal proxy server that shields your information to keep your account safe and secure.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I make the most out of my subscription?

There are several ways you can maximize your growth with our platform!

1.  Post high quality, engaging content.
2. Post at least 3 times per week and no more than 2 times per day.
3. Engage with your followers! Others will see that you are engaging and will be more likely to follow you and engage with your posts.
4. Use hashtags!

What is Business Coaching?

You will work one-on-one with our Instagram business success specialists to review strategy, targeting, and tips to improve conversions. You can schedule one 30 minute coaching session per month.

How does the coaching work?

You may schedule one 30-minute phone or skype session every 30 days. Please open a support ticket to schedule your coaching session. If you require additional time or coaching, let us know and we can help you.

What if I don’t use my coaching for a month?

Coaching sessions do not roll over. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Will people know that the comments are automated?

Our platform is unique. Specific comments are left according to keywords (Ex: When a user’s post has “beach” in the description, you will comment “What a beautiful beach!”). However, it is not perfect. You may end up commenting on something you should not have. Its normal. The vast majority of the time it will be spot on.

What is the benefit of Targeted Comments?

Comments are an intimate method of interaction that results in a large increase in engagement and follow-backs. They are also a useful way for you to direct users to your page. They are especially useful for business pages to drive users to their page and increase link clicks!

It followed someone that I really like and don’t want it to unfollow them.

Please send us the username of your new friend and we will add them to your whitelist. This will make sure they are never unfollowed by our program.