How Ekin Ozlen used music to market hand sanitizer in a global pandemic

The businesswoman and entrepreneur stepped up her marketing efforts when the pandemic changed everything.

Ekin Ozlen

During a global pandemic, Ekin Ozlen have already seen huge changes in the way people are marketing products. Advertising methods have changed drastically due to a multitude of reasons – from less people being exposed to print ads, to fundamental changes in people’s needs while living through such unprecedented times. Brands and products are expect to adapt to ever-changing circumstances in an extremely uncertain time.

One business owner took advantage of the opportunity to not only fuse her creative forces, but to market one of the most sought after products of this year: hand sanitizer.

Singer, model and entrepreneur Ekin Ozlen, founder of the high-end skin and hair care brand, released the single “Where You At” just last month which showcased her own line of CBD hand sanitisers. Performing with Mexican sensation Vadhir Derbez, featuring DJ and rapper Roxy Ferrari, the release is a mixing pot of music, performance and business, as Ozlen blurs the lines between her creative disciplines. 

The advertising of the product does not overshadow the music, and the song in isolation itself showcases Ekin’s impressive vocal range – a catchy urban pop track with Middle-Eastern and Arabic influences. The collaboration also makes this Vadhir’s first ever English language release in which he performs a Spanglish interpretation, with the video approaching half a million views on YouTube.

While the music video itself, filmed in downtown Los Angeles, has pre-pandemic club vibes, you couldn’t miss the subtext of the stylish video, in which Ozlen sports a black face mask.

Ekin Ozlen

The video release breathes life into the Keracell brand, while also showcasing how businesses can be doing something different at a time when everyone is expect to be versatile. In addition, as it becomes increasingly evident that hand sanitizer is a product that will be around for the long haul, the product offers far more benefits than your average supermarket brand by combining CBD and multiple human cell stem cell technology, paired with organic aloe.

But this isn’t the first time Ozlen has capitalized on the potential marketing benefits of fusing business and music. Last year she released the song “La Noche”, featuring Grant Kempt, Black Mattic and Idrise, showcasing Keracell’s liquid gold enriching elixir.

Her integration into the entertainment industry as a performer has been a seamless process, especially as her brand already has many celebrity fans including Kate Hudson, Erin Foster, Demi Moore, Chris Noth, Debra Messing, Sara Foster, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, Linda Resnick, Samantha Hoopes, and Rebel Wilson. 

Keracell will also soon be nationwide on television on the “On Trend” television show after signing a contract with shop HQ.

Many people have a simultaneous professional and creative endeavour, but not many can combine them into one package.

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