How ClickASnap is Changing Social Media

As everyday life heads back to normal, one thing that remains consistent is the ever-growing digital age we live in. Various platforms try to develop new methods of communication to keep us better connected.

When trying to differentiate themselves, these platforms fail because they are all relatively similar, especially in how they harness user data. Users blindly commit to agreements and give away their rights to their innovative thoughts and ideas without even realizing it. 

Tom Oswald, the founder, and CEO of Clickasnap, a United Kingdom-based app, has found a solution to this issue. Clickasnap allows users to get paid for their photos without restriction and not worrying about their data getting utilized the wrong way.

“As an amateur photographer, I had often thought that if we could monetize video efficiently and pay our users more than Youtube pays, then why couldn’t we do it with imagery and create something truly unique?” Oswald says, “So we pivoted the video platform and Clickasnap was born.”

Instead of data farming like most social media platforms, Clickasnap does not own the rights to any photos posted. If an individual decides to upload an image that they do not own the rights to or it is not their own, Clickasnap will take the photo down and ban the user. 

“We have developed on-site technology that stops the ‘print screen’ button from taking images off of the site,” Oswald says. “We plan to expand this to other key combinations as we grow. We also protect photographer’s work whether the photographers use our platform or not. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, who are more than happy for you to post images you do not own so they can profit from them.”

Clickasnap will not restrict what viewers see on their site as well. Meaning, if you are a creator, you can focus on your work knowing that everyone will see it, and you do not need to worry about catering your creativity for a particular target audience. 

“When posting images on sites like Facebook and Instagram, it can be very disheartening seeing your imagery receive little or no interaction,” Oswald says. “Because our site doesn’t use algorithms, you will receive far more interaction on our platform than you will on the aforementioned social media sites.” 

An example brought forth by Oswald was Facebook and Instagram, “You have 1,000 followers on Clickasnap, all of them will see your posts. In fact, due to reach limitations on Facebook and Instagram, 1,000 followers is equivalent to 100,000 followers on the aforementioned platforms (average reach on Facebook/Instagram less than 1%). Many platforms can sell your content, but all of them overprice your work by up to 30% for their royalties. We charge no royalties.” 

On a basic intro account, users can upload unlimited photos and enjoy all the same benefits that any other free photo sharing site includes, but with the added advantage of reaching your entire audience at zero cost. 

Now, some might ask how a company can survive doing so much good? Clickasnap gets its revenue from various sources, such as image sales, subscriptions, and advertising. A key difference is that users who upload their photos will receive a revenue share when people view their work. 

Paid accounts start at £2 a month, and you get approximately 0.40 cents commission per view. Just like any other service provider, there are perks to upgrading to premium account levels. For example, the “seller account” allows users to sell their work as products in the marketplace. The “pro account” enables auto-posts to other social platforms — such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest — their work getting featured on the homepage of the Clickasnap website, and gaining credits that users can use to promote your work as well as a unique watermark option for photos and unlimited cloud storage. 

Compared to other photo-sharing platform competitors, there seems to be a challenging argument for why Clickasnap is not the industry-leading app. “There are some really powerful reasons to use the platform. Compelling users and developing what they want to see and use,” Oswald says. 

The value received by Clickasnap is second to none and is constantly revolutionizing. Professionals and inexperienced photographers alike will much appreciate it.


For more information about the Clickasnap website is the best place to visit.

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