Orphan Puppies need Forever Homes. As an animal lover, little irks me more than a dog or cat dropped off at a shelter. The family is downsizing to an apartment or moving into a home where pets are not allowed. Now, I have a gripe with the property owner for setting this rule in the first place. Nevertheless, would you abandon your child to move into an Adult-only Housing Facility? If the answer is “No,” why would you abandon your dog?


INSTELITE supports those supporting the greater good! We have aligned with this cause and provided free services to raise support and awareness. It is our duty to give back!


Help Orphan Puppies, Incorporated is a loving, compassionate, genuine Dog Adoption Organization. While the mission is “Superheroes Needed,” they are the superheroes for taking in these dogs who have been abandoned by their family, who they love unconditionally. INSTELITE has taken note of the selfless and courageous actions of Orphan Puppies, Inc., and we are offering Free Services to this wonderful organization that finds a loving family for these helpless animals, who are victims of circumstance. I could go on and on about the negligence of the family members. Instead, let us look at the good that is being done by a firm worthy of our gratitude, respect, and much more awareness.


We find that Help Orphan Puppies is worthy of our support, and so much more. Our goal is to spread awareness, but we rely on our INSTELITE family to do the same. A puppy can really bring your family together. Perhaps you know of someone in need of a companion. Perhaps you have young children who are begging for that pet. Or, you want to spread the word and tell friends, family members, co-workers and peers about this wonderful organization saving lives! Please join INSTELITE in bringing attention to this issue.

Help Orphan Puppies relies on followers, supporters, and public response. We hope you take the time to check them out and contribute to this cause by visiting their DONATE page. INSTELITE proudly supports this organization, as do I. Animals bring joy to my life, and the next best thing to adopting an orphan puppy is increasing the likelihood someone will…