Engage Xchange

The idea of this service is that clients will sign up and enter into an exchange of comments and Likes. Using automatic liking & commenting, we can set up groups of accounts within the same niche to leave comments and likes on all new posts. Unlike anything else out there, these comments will be at least 4 words and come from real, established accounts.

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  • Why is this important?

    Comments are the one thing that Instagram has consistently rewarded, increasing the post ranking in their algorithm and earning that post “top post” on hashtags. It is also the main factor that is looked at when determining the value and legitimacy of an account.

  • Will it look spammy or fake?

    No. The engagement groups will be kept small (10-20) and within a specific niche so that the comments do not look out of place. The comments will be chosen randomly from a selection of gender-specific, general comments that will look natural on any post.

  • Will anyone know I am using this?

    Yes. Only the other users within your EngageXchange will know that you are using it. But who cares? So are they. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  • Can I only receive the comments

    No. For now, you can only enroll in this service if you are willing to leave comments.

  • What if I do not like the comments I am leaving?

    Simple. Give us a list of friendly comments that you would like to leave and we will replace the default comments with yours.

  • How will groups be chosen?

    We will assign you to a specific group based on your niche. For example, if you are a female fashion account, we will only pair you with other similar girls. If you do not fit into a specific niche, we will pair you with whoever we decide will look organic.

  • What does this cost?


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