Best Caption Length for Instagram

What is the best Instagram caption length this year?

Captions on Instagram have become a popular way to provide excellent insight into photos and become a more effective influencer. If you are interested in offering the best engagement, it’s important at the captions you choose are not too short or too long. Here are some of the best ways that you can optimize your Instagram captions in 2020:

Don’t be afraid of longer captions:

The most effective caption length has nearly doubled in the past year. One of the largest trends with Instagram today is to offer a longer caption length. With the average caption length for a post at just 142 characters in 2016, the average length has more than doubled for 2020.

The ideal caption length:

In current research, feeds from Instagram often have an average caption length of 405 characters. This 405 characters can provide a lot of info as this generally gives you around 65 to 70 words to express your opinion or share more about the post you are creating.

Why captions are so important:

A longer caption length for this year is no surprise. These caption links can help you really connect with your audience and learn more about your mission and your branding online. What you decide to put in your caption will really depend on the content you are sharing. What these captions eventually generate is a strong relationship with your audience.

Captions are important for engagement but some variety is equally as important as well. Make sure that you have captions of varied lengths. Keeping a few shorter captions and a few long form captions can be important to maximizing engagement and making sure that you’re appealing to every audience.

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