Arash Barmaan from playing basketball to launching his own app

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His first Persian Jewish dating app
As of November 26, 2020, Los Angeles, United States, will be a city in the United States. That is the first and only Persian Jewish dating app in the world. BOOS is a Persian-Jewish dating service founded by Arash Barman, a 22-year-old internet entrepreneur from the United States There are long-standing traditions in this culture that dictate acceptable matchmaking for young people. The app strives to take into account these subtle but critical cultural differences.

CEO of Poly
American-Iranian internet entrepreneur Arash Barmaan is the CEO of Poly, an online dating service for Polygamists. Since he was a child, Arash Barmaan has had a
lifelong dream of playing in the NBA. His life was so enamoured with the sport that Arash never considered a career other than it. When he was born to Middle Eastern parents, he had to follow in the footsteps of a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.

Professional basketball player
Despite their warnings, Arash never heeded their advice and instead followed his heart and his goals as far as he could. Having been kicked off his high school varsity basketball team due to racial political profiling, he realized he would need to prepare and work even harder to make the Santa Monica College men’s basketball team.

There weren’t many roster spaces remaining when tryouts came around since most had been set aside for returning team members and recruits. Arash knew he could still make it in the NBA in the following years, so he decided to play overseas first and then transfer to the NBA to enhance his chances of success. During that summer, he realized that this was the best possible future.

Career in basketball

Even if he did make it as a professional basketball player, he wouldn’t be as successful as the well-known massive stars, and most would have been exhausted and bruised by the time he retired. All the odds worked against him.

After considering a variety of possible outcomes if he had chosen to pursue a career in basketball, he decided to follow the long-term goal of producing his app as a CEO and founder of his own business. Arash hopes to become an NBA athletic trainer one day and be near to what was previously his sole love in life.

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