Amir Yass: The Queer Muslim who Took Over Social Media

very few months, a name becomes popular and lands a new influencer into stardom. That is precisely what happened in January 2020 with Amir Yass.

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Becoming an influencer seems a far-off dream that millions dream of and only a couple of thousands reach. Making a name for yourself on social media can become an extremely challenging task as many individuals choose the same career path. You need to become innovative, inspirational, creative, and mind-blowing. The X factor is necessary for you to shine and reach your dream of success while leading a profitable career. Every few months, a name becomes popular and lands a new influencer into stardom. That is precisely what happened in January 2020 with Amir Yass, the queer Muslim who took over social media.


TikTok stardom


When we think about influencers, we immediately think about social media. We see them post their day-to-day lives, advice, brand partnerships, and workouts, among other things. These platforms have allowed them to make a name for themselves, and many of them have shared their talent and knowledge in photo or video format. They utilize these apps as their business cards, to show what they do, or to entertain their audiences. The latter is what Amir Yass has been doing on TikTok since January 2020.


Yass began by sharing his story, who he is, and what life is like as a queer Muslim. As his account continued to grow, reaching 107.6K followers, he expanded his content. Nowadays, his followers can watch him break down pop culture from Hollywood to social media, accompanied by his catchphrase “Neeyyxxtt.” He can be seen reacting to popular TV shows and scandalous scenes. Everything new and trendy, he will bring to your phone screen.


What makes Yass stand out from the rest of the influencers who might dive into the entertainment industry is he knows this world like the palm of his hand. Previously, he worked as a publicist for world-renowned names such as Michael B. Jordan, Gwen Stefani, Melissa McCarthy, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie. He knows the in’s and out’s of the business, making his videos even more captivating.


Although TikTok seems to be his social media platform of preference, users can also find him on Instagram, where he has joined the blue checkmark club.


From social media to podcasting


Yass is a great entertainer and knows you need to expand your outreach by tapping into different mediums. That is why he jumped from social media to podcasting. He has hosted several shows and now finds himself as the host of The Take On.


The Take On is currently airing its second season, and listeners can find 39 previous episodes to dive into. Through his podcast — and his entire digital presence — Yass hopes to change the way religion and sexual orientation are seen as mutually exclusive. For this reason, he interviews a broad spectrum of individuals from all ranges of entertainment, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.


Interviewing fan-favorites from Bravo shows and stars of Rupaul’s Drag Race, this host talks about activism, body positivity, and social media. With every episode, Yass strives to inspire people to lean into their best selves while battling transphobia, femme bashing, body shaming, and racism in the queer community.


Yas, queer Muslim!


Amir Yass has shown no fear to expose himself and show the world his true colors as he continues to post daily on TikTok and Instagram, recording episodes of his podcast, and living life to the fullest. He will always be seen as the queer Muslim who took over social media, and that deserves a “Yas, queer Muslim!”

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