Fitness Influencer and Personal Trainer, Allegra Paris, Makes Magazine Debut in Metropolitan Palm Beach for April 2021

Fitness influencer and NASM-certified personal trainer, Allegra Paris, has been helping people everywhere to curate a healthy lifestyle that works for them for the past five-years. Pivoting her service offering into the virtual space in 2020 to adhere to pandemic regulations, Allegra has been known for creating personalized, unique fitness plans that are configured with at-home exercise and meal prepping in-mind.

This kind of customization has not gone unnoticed for the trainer, who also lends her talents to the world of fitness modeling. Representing major name brands with products in stores like Dicks and Walgreens, Allegra has made a name for herself as an up-and-coming swimwear and fitness model who is able to capture brand messaging in her effortless posing.

That’s why the Metropolitan Magazine sought out the talent and support of Allegra Paris in their first-ever Palm Beach magazine edition, released for April 2021. Lending their eye for fashion and penchant for luxury in their accredited and internationally adored magazine to the bustling communities of the ever-growing Palm Beach region, the Met Mag wanted to include local, Florida talent that embodies everything their brand has become synonymous with today.

Featuring ‘model mom’ Mara Martin on the cover, in a beautiful landscape that highlights the natural Spanish influence on the Palm Beach region, the Met Mag was sure to include a multi-page spread of Allegra Paris and eye-catching photography by photographer Justin Bellucci. Representing brands such as Andi Bagus, Becca Swim, and OneOne Swimwear in the photos, which were captured on Gasparilla Island and in Boca Grande, Florida, Allegra Paris’ Met Mag debut illuminates all of the high-end, fashionable activity that is occurring right in the state of Florida today.

No Stranger to Hard Work

Allegra’s rise to magazine-level fame is a testament to her hard work and relatability that she transmits through her carefully curated social media today. Her Instagram, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at her collaborations with big brands and personalities, manages to make the viewer feel like a friend of Allegra’s by the time they are done scrolling. Now leveraging TikTok to share quick workout and eat-clean tips in not-typically-healthy settings, like airports, Allegra is being introduced to a whole new generation of social media users that see her as a role model for their own fitness and modeling pursuits.

Citing that her ultimate dream would be to land herself on the cover of any fashion or swim magazine, Allegra continues to work hard every day, changing lives everywhere. She believes that our core happiness is rooted in our familiarity with our own bodies and personal health. Eating clean, working out, and making time for wellness, to Allegra, is paramount for a balanced and fulfilling life. That’s what she hopes to communicate to readers everywhere who get a peek at her first-ever magazine spread.

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